Me on Couraggio


A Horse Mooch

I no longer own my own horse. Even though it’s been a few years now, that fact still bothers me a little bit. Through the years (don’t ask how many), I’ve started six horses. I miss the training, the goal setting and the satisfaction from the progress of working with my own horse.

Although I’m horseless, I still get to ride in the local fox hunt. My husband and I have managed to get a lease arrangement with some friends for two nice field hunters. But when they had to stay at home recently because they caught a bug going around, I was reminded that I’m blessed to have such generous friends. My good friend Tracy loaned me her experienced hunter to ride last weekend. He’s Couraggio, formerly known as Courageous, and although he’s a very big, tall guy he’s calm but a lot of fun.

So, I don’t own my own horse (yet), but I do enjoy the success of my youngest daughter as she rides and shows an amazing jumper. I live a little bit vicariously through her and through the kids in my middle grade mystery series that I am writing. And like some teenagers, I occasionally mooch rides on friends horses. I just don’t dress like one. A bikini is no longer in my summer wardrobe.



Hi All!

This is the inaugural post of my new blog!

It’s been a very busy summer! I’ve completed the three phases of Bill Barnhardt’s seminars so I should know how to put together a good work of fiction. I’ll probably be working on rewriting my previous projects since I’ve already written first drafts. So, a busy fall diagraming and outlining! My middle grade mystery for book 1, The Mystery of the Disappearing Horses is finished. I’m working on getting an agent and publishing possibilities. With my ties to the horse world, I’ve been encouraged to self publish and self market. Still deciding…….

The Rose State short course is this weekend. A great opportunity to meet agents (yay!), and get in on some informative talks from experienced people in the writing field.

Speaking of writing….. 😀 I’ve recently done two articles from interviews for Sidelines magazine. One is on George Morris and I just finished the manuscript for the interview with Peter Wylde, coming out in the November issue. Links are listed on the Work I’ve Done page. I just got another assignment but I don’t want to jinx it by mentioning it here, but I’m excited! More to come later…….