Opening Hunt

Opening Hunt

Me on Ivan at Opening Hunt

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Ivan and I leading the field back at the end of closing hunt. Notice the braided mane!


Getting Organized…..

I’m so blessed to have so many things going on. I have regular assignments with Sidelines magazine until the March issue so I have exciting things to be writing about! But, this contributes to my natural tendency to have rather scattered thought patterns.  I’ve sent a draft to the subject of my latest interview to fact check. It’s really exciting since this is someone on my bucket list! I’ll post the link when it comes out in the magazine.

But it’s raining now and supposed to keep raining all day. It’s giving me the blahs. Usually I write on the back deck, sitting on a pillow in the deck chair to get up to the proper height but I don’t think the humidity would be good for my laptop. 🙂 Which begs the question, what will I do this winter?? I’ll just have to intersperse today with running errands to keep the mind working. (The weed eater is finally done at the small engine shop. Just in time to be put away in the garage until the spring. Dragging around the old electric one made for a fun last half of the summer…..)

This weekend is the horse show and hunter derby at Farewell Farm, the barn where my daughter rides. I plan to take Ivan, the American Warmblood gelding I lease to fox hunt or I should say fox chase. In the US and my hunt club, we only chase the coyote until they outrun us, or go to ground in their dens. Ivan is a little hard to keep moving forward, but it’ll be fun to participate. I have no ideas of winning anything in the derby but he is a great horse to ride in the hunt field.

Enjoy the day, everybody – regardless of the weather.

Peter Wylde

Here is a link to the Peter Wylde article I did. Peter is a team gold medal winner in horse jumping and VP and head clinician of the US Hunter Jumper Associations Emerging Athletes Program. And and all around nice guy.