A Horse of a Different Color, or is it a Unicorn?

I haven’t wanted to tell about the new guy in my life. I guess it’s because I’m afraid that it’s tempting fate but I know the reality is that anything can happen under any circumstances so….here goes.

I’ve found the right horse. Not just any horse but a bay roan gelding (a true horse of a different color) with white eyelashes and the kindest eyes. We chose each other, I think partly because we speak the same language. When I first met him he was a ranch horse who had not been fussed over and had some ticks on him. I looked him over then put a hand on his withers as I talked to the owners about him. For some reason — I think he ‘told’ me — my hand on his withers moved down to his shoulder where a tick had attached and I absentmindedly picked it off him and scratched the spot as we continued our conversation. Just coincidence? Maybe. I think it was the beginning of a connection.

When I rode him, his canter was at first brisk until I asked him with — was it my mind? — and weight to slow his canter. He responded and I loved the ride. I walked him over to the owners and told them I wasn’t getting down, but that I wanted to discuss the terms of the sale. You know it’s your horse when you don’t want to get down.

I’ve had him for a while. I rode him with the fox hunt all last season and it’s going well but I haven’t wanted to publicly — in a blog! — talk about him. Kind of like some of those African jungle tribes that don’t name a baby until they are about six years old, just in case something bad happens.

Life can change in an instant but there’s no reason to worry about it. I try to catch myself when I start to think ahead that something bad can happen and to do like the horses and be in the moment. After all, you can’t jump the last fence on the course without first paying attention to the next stride. It’s all one step at a time.

I’m learning the true meaning of the phrase, ‘Be where you are.’ It’s easier to do on a horse of a different color that speaks my language.